Saturday, December 5, 2015

Super Powers Captain Marvel

For my first actual figure post, I figured I would go with my favorite super hero from my favorite DC Comics line, even if the photo isn't quite as good as I could do today.

The Super Powers line is, in my opinion, the best DC toyline ever. It was small, lasting only two years, it is larger than I normally go for, but I love the line. I have so many good memories of this line from when I was very young that it probably colors my thoughts on it, but that's OK. It's one of only two toylines I've ever completed, the other being the Simpsons line from the early 2000s, none of which I've photographed yet.

Captain Marvel is my all-time favorite super hero. The Golden Age version in particular. While the books tend to be pricey, quite a few of them have been reprinted in Archive form, and they are great. There's a reason that Captain Marvel actually outsold Superman in the Golden Age.

He was included with the Super Powers line, which I am happy for. He had only joined the DC Family about a decade before. His original Golden Age publication was by Fawcett. Unfortunately Fawcett did not keep the trademarks intact and that's why they can't title a comic using his actual name.
I can take much better pictures these days- this photo session was the very first time I ever tried to photograph an action figure- but I can't bring myself to replace them. Again, too many memories.


  1. This is so cool! This is going to be a good blog series.

  2. Did you ever watch the cartoon Young Justice? I thought they did an excellent job with their Captain Marvel episode. Also, the Super Powers toy line has always been one of my favorites as well.

    1. No, I never saw that. I have not taken on a new TV show since the Simpsons circa 1992?