Saturday, December 5, 2015

GI Joe Snake Eyes version 2

In my opinion, the original GI Joe line (1982-94) is the best toyline of all time. They got everything perfect for many years, and while they did loose their way near the end, it was still great. Don't get me wrong- I love the Star Wars line, and others, but this was just perfection. The scale, the articulation, the vehicles, the support (comic/cartoon)...everything.

I was introduced to GI Joe 25 years and one week ago. I wrote about it HERE on my 1st blog, which is about trading cards. I don't know how many Star Wars figures I've got, but I think I have more GI Joe figures than any other line...almost 1000! I wanted to post one here and I thought long and hard about which figure to post. I decided on the 2nd version of Snake Eyes. Snake Eyes is the iconic Joe and the 2nd version is my favorite. Although I never went as nuts for Snake Eyes as many people did, he's still an icon, and a fitting first GI Joe figure to get posted.

This is our original figure that my brother got new, and handed to me in 1990.
His knee joints are weak but he still stands on his own accord.

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