Sunday, December 6, 2015

Star Wars (1) Wicket

I covered two of the big three that I collect yesterday, so I needed to do Star Wars today...most of my Star Wars figures have not been photographed yet, so I have pretty slim choices to post.

I settled on Wicket, from the original line because he's the only original I've photographed so far. I wanted to do the first series before I did any from the second series (1995-current) This is not my original Wicket. While we've saved all our figures, our Wicket went missing, so I had to secure a replacement. I got this one at an antique store a couple of years ago...the original has not turned up yet.

The first Star Wars line was revolutionary, essentially creating action figures as we know them. It ran from 1977-85, and we've almost completed it. Just a few Ewoks short, not counting the rare, European only Yak Face. Eventually, when they get photographed, you'll see them all, but it won't be anytime soon. Not all of them are in the greatest of shape, but that's not too big a deal for me.

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