Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Star Wars figures (and one DC Direct) photogrpahed 4/4/17

Found a large ziplock of Star Wars figures that didn't get put away with the others when I made my excel collection file in circa 2010. Also one DC Direct figure that had gotten broken and I had to repair. I had taken a photo of the figure but lost it when my last computer died in 2012. Been waiting for me to get a new photo ever since!
First, the Star Wars.
A-Wing Pilot

Airspeeder Pilot- made up by Hasbro

Arvel Crynyd


Cloud Car Pilot-made up by Hasbro

Dannyl Faytonni

Depa Billaba. Her head is damaged.

DL-X2. Star Tours.

Eeth Koth. The photo is mostly out of focus but I liked the dynamic of it.

Eeth Koth, again

Even Piell

Graxol Kelvyyn. The tallest figure at the time.





Koffi Arana

Lott Dodd

Lyn Me










RX-24. Star Tours.


San Hill


Sith Attack Droid. Missing part off the top.

Snowtrooper version 13


Speeder Bike Pilot. Made up by Hasbro

Tanus Spijek

Teemto Pagalies

Ten Numb


WEG-1618. Star Tours.

Wol Cabasshite
In addition, there were two tiny Snowtroopers. The bases are about the size of a dime, maybe a little less. (I didn't get out a dime to measure, LOL)
And the DC Direct figure, Despotellis of the Sinestro Corps. The character is microscopic so scaled up for the figure.
Soon I will begin photographing my Star Wars figures in bulk as well as the rest of my DC Direct and Simpsons. This blog may not see much action but that is going to change, soon!

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Simpsons Bases & Y-Wing

I can't believe I have not posted here since May. I need to get better at posting to my non-card blogs.

I'm making an effort in 2017 to finish photodocumenting my collection...hopefully that will lead to me actually posting the photos I take.

Began photographing today, with some of the bases from the Simpsons line, and a Y-Wing, which shared the plastic bin I had them in.
 Moe's Tavern
 Simpson's Living Room-couch
 Noiseland Arcade
 Kang & Kodo's Ship
 Simpsons Living Room-window
Star Wars 2nd series Y-Wing

Not a whole lot the first day of progress, but it's something. Every photograph taken helps!